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Demartek Monthly Browser Usage Statistics

Updated May 2017

Demartek performs lab validation testing on a variety of server, networking and storage products, with an emphasis on real-world applications and end-to-end configurations. We provide reports on our website that show performance results including graphs to help describe the results.

Client Web Browsers and Operating Environments

Although the Demartek website does not use cookies and we do not track individual users, we can gather aggregate statistics (stats) about the client computing devices that visit our website. This is based on data that the client browser provides about itself. Technically, one could alter their browser to make it appear to be a different browser than it really is, but most people use their browser without making such a change.

The data we show below is from our own website logs. Because our website content is focused on enterprise IT technology, our data will differ somewhat from the larger market-share reports where consumer and enterprise users are often lumped together.

Exclusions from the web server log data

The charts below show the client browser usage statistics for the previous month. We filter our web logs before providing any statistics. Activity excluded from these statistics include:

We filter out our own accesses from the data shown below, so as not to skew the results. We typically receive more than ten thousand hits per month by real humans on our website.


April 2017 Statistics — Client Web Browsers

At Demartek, different people use different browsers as their primary browser, including current versions of Internet Explorer/Edge, Firefox and Google Chrome. Some of us here at Demartek have been known to use more than one type of browser.

We know that some corporate environments require specific versions of browsers that may not be current, so we have attempted to make our website provide a consistent experience with certain older browsers. The statistics shown in the chart below include all versions of each browser.
Web Browser Recommendations
We recommend Internet Explorer (IE) 9 and above, or any recent version of Firefox or Chrome.

As of May 15, 2017, the generally available, stable versions* were:
Chrome — 58.x
Firefox — 53.x

* The Chrome and Firefox browser development teams have implemented a “rapid release” schedule, where new versions are released approximately every six weeks. Some corporate environments that require testing of their environments before deploying new software may choose not to deploy every new version of these browsers.

Demartek Client Browser Usage Statistics

The “other” (...) category includes some site-specific browsers and browsers that are specific to smartphones and tablets, such as Android, BlackBerry, etc. We try to filter out as many of the web crawlers and bots from these statistics as possible, but there seems to be an endless variety of web crawlers and bots roaming the Internet.

If you are interested, you can view your current browser attributes on the Demartek Lab Browser Test page.

April 2017 Statistics — Client Operating Environments

Because our website primarily serves business customers and end-users, the predominant method that people use to access our website is via a desktop computer or server, rather than a portable consumer device such as a smartphone or tablet. The chart below shows that the vast majority of people who visit our website are using a desktop version of Microsoft Windows. A small percentage of users access our website from smartphones and tablets. As of April 2015, due to the high frequency of “bot hits”, we have excluded operating systems released prior to the year 2000.

Demartek Client OS Usage Statistics

Year To Date (Rolling) Statistics — Client Operating and Browsing Environments

It is great to see a monthly update of how our business customers and end-users are accessing our site, but that is a small part of the big picture. Browser and operating systems are constantly changing and we are interested in the gradual shift that is occurring when viewing our site. Some of the spikes shown in the graphs below are due to automated bots — we remove those records from our logs periodically.

Demartek Client OS Usage YTD

Demartek Client Browser Usage YTD

Most of our visitors are accessing our site through a version of the Windows operating system. We thought it would be interesting to show separate versions of Windows to see the flux in popularity for each operating system.

Demartek Client Windows Usage YTD