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Demartek Top Ten - Last Four Weeks

These are the top ten most popular Demartek pages and reports for the last four weeks. This page is updated on Monday mornings, except for some holidays.

Updated August 14, 2017

The August 14, 2017 update is the last update to this page. Please see our commentary on Internet Bots for the explanation.

The full list of Demartek public reports is available on the Demartek News and Reports page.

How the Top Ten is Determined

The Demartek Top Ten is a combination of the views of the web page and the number of downloads of the report PDF, but not counting a web page view and PDF download twice. Some pages do not have a PDF, so for those only the views of the web page count. The ranking is determined by the higher of either views of the web page or downloads of the PDF.

Before calculating the Top Ten, we examine our web server logs and remove the following from the totals:

We make an effort to remove activity generated by automated bots, crawlers, scrapers and spiders from our web logs before presenting this data. However, advanced bots often disguise themselves as web browsers used by real humans, especially the Chrome browser, making it very difficult to distinguish between automated tools accessing our website and real human beings accessing our website.

Some of our clients and others post our reports on their websites. We have no visibility into how our reports fare when posted on these external websites.

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