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Demartek Evaluation of Cisco Multi-protocol and Multi-topology Latency and Connectivity

23 July 2012

In today’s complex storage networking environments and with the advent of converged, or unified networking, it is possible to run multiple storage protocols in the same network. Current datacenter networks deploy a variety of network topologies, from simple one-switch networks found in small and medium business, to complex aggregate/core and access multi-switch topologies found in large datacenters.

There are often questions regarding latencies for storage systems when deployed in various network topologies. Cisco Systems® commissioned Demartek to evaluate the effects of various networking topologies in a server and storage environment. Specifically, three storage protocols were tested in the same network simultaneously and with different network topologies. These protocols are iSCSI, FCoE and native Fibre Channel.

We found that the average latency was consistent for each protocol, regardless of the network topology. From the simple network topology found in small and medium-sized businesses to the full core and edge networks found in large datacenters, the various network topologies were very similar in their latency measurements for each storage traffic type.

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Demartek Cisco Multi-protocol Multi-topology Evaluation