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Demartek Releases Computer Tutorial Videos

Update: 19 May 2015 — FCoE: The Basics

In this episode of the Demartek Tutorial videos, we explore the last interface of the “Big Three,” FCoE, in an effort to bring newcomers up to speed on computer storage basics. While many will argue the importance and popularity of each of these three interfaces, we feel it beneficial, in striding to offer a comprehensive basic foundation, to introduce everything we see in use in our Demartek test lab. We hope you enjoy this latest installment and, as always, give us feedback if you see areas we could make improvements for future videos.

Update: 16 December 2014 — iSCSI: The Basics

In the latest Demartek Tutorial video installment, we dive into the basics of iSCSI, continuing to provide a more detailed foundation of computer storage basics. Many videos have been produced that touch on different aspects of computer storage and iSCSI, specifically, but we feel the latest Demartek iSCSI Basics Tutorial has everything you need to know about iSCSI basics in a clear and easy-to-understand format. Have a look, and share with anyone you know that might find this video useful.

Update: 8 July 2014 — Fibre Channel: The Basics

The previous Demartek Tutorial video discussed some basics for computer storage. To continue with our tutorial series, we have released the next installment: “Demartek Tutorials - Fibre Channel Basics.” In this episode, we expound on ideas laid out in the first video regarding Fibre Channel technology: what Fibre Channel is, its history, and how it is beneficial in today's growing datacenter. We hope you enjoy this latest installment and encourage any and all feedback you may have.

27 March 2014 — Computer Storage: The Basics

As the computer industry continues to develop and grow exponentially, and datacenters get packed full of the latest computing and storage technology, it is easy to argue this industry as one that continually excites and surprises even the most involved industry specialists. At Demartek we have the pleasure of working with such technology in addition to having an on-site test lab and knowledgeable analysts to make sure everything runs according to plan.

But what about those who are just getting to familiar with this line of work? Those that are interested in learning everything there is to know about the field of computer networking and storage, but need a good place to start? With thousands of technical reports laden with industry-standard jargon out there, knowing where to start can be a bit intimidating. This obstacle is what Demartek’s new line of tutorial videos hopes to overcome. With these videos we take a step back from what we know and scale it down to a level which we hope helps build a solid foundation for what our industry is all about.

We will be continually adding new videos to this library and hope that they offer some insight into what computer storage and networking is on a more basic level. If you have any comments about the videos, feel free to get in touch with us as we hope to offer the best tutorials possible.