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Demartek Adds Support for Web Slices to

31 October 2009

Demartek has added support for web slices to, starting with the home page. Web slices are portions of web pages that can be individually tracked or subscribed to. Web slices are supported natively with Internet Explorer 8 and with add-ons for other web browsers. Native support for web slices in other web browsers is expected in the future. Web slices use the “hAtom microformat” that enables the publication and consumption of an item or portion of a web page.

In Internet Explorer 8 (and higher), when the mouse is hovered over an item or portion of a web page that has been enabled for web slices, the web slice icon will appear. Click on the icon to add this “slice” of the web to your Favorites Bar.

The following screen shot shows a portion of the website with the mouse hovered over one of the web slice enabled areas of the page. Also note that the green web slice icon appears in the command bar of Internet Explorer for pages that have active web slices.
Demartek News web slice

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