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Dennis Martin Participates in an iSCSI Performance Expert Discussion (Parts 2 and 3)

7 December 2012

, Demartek President, was interviewed by SearchDataCenter as part of their Expert Q&A series. Parts 2 and 3 can be viewed below. Part 1 can be viewed here.

Part 2

Additional questions have been posed regarding the impact of 10 gigabit Ethernet in relation to iSCSI speed. Continue reading for the answers.

Q: How big of an impact does the adoption of 10 gigabit Ethernet have on iSCSI speed and what will even faster Ethernet mean for iSCSI?

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Part 3

To get further information on the different methods of configuring iSCSI in a VM, continue reading.

Q: What are the different methods of configuring iSCSI logical unit numbers (LUNs) in a virtual environment?

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